This is a GTA San Andreas Modification.


Gregory Cervatti- a 36-year old former soldier from Vice City.


On 2010, Gregory bought a ship ticket to Capital City to meet his brother, Arnold Cervatti His brother needs more money to develop his coach lines company, The Cervatti Liners, while Stephen needs money for her baby.


Capital City- "The Capital of the United States"

Liberty City- "The Worst Place in America" (only appears in 6 missions)

Vice City- "The City Where the Beaches Live" (only appears in 2 missions)



  • Banshee
  • Bullet
  • Cheetah
  • Euros
  • Super GT
  • Turismo


  • Bobcat
  • Landstalker
  • Patriot
  • Rancher
  • Romero


  • Savanna
  • Tahoma
  • Voodoo


  • Elegy
  • Flash
  • Sultan
  • Uranus


  • Burrito
  • Moonbeam
  • Mr. Whoopee
  • Pony
  • Rumpo


  • Boxville
  • Combine Harvester
  • Linerunner
  • Mule
  • Tractor
  • Yankee


  • Blista Compact
  • Buccaneer
  • Cadrona
  • Clover
  • Esperanto
  • Hermes
  • Majestic
  • Manana
  • Virgo


  • Admiral
  • Glendale
  • Intruder
  • Nebula
  • Oceanic
  • Perenial
  • Primo
  • Sentinel
  • Stafford
  • Strech
  • Willard


  • Baggage
  • Bus
  • Cabbie
  • Capital Train
  • Capital Ferry
  • Capital Freight
  • Coach
  • Forklift
  • Taxi
  • Trashmaster


  • Bandito
  • BF Injection
  • Caddy
  • Camper
  • Dune
  • Journey
  • Kart
  • Monster
  • Mothership
  • Quad
  • Sandking
  • Vortex


  • Ambulance
  • Barracks
  • Coastguard
  • Enforcer
  • FBI Truck
  • Fire Truck
  • HPV-1000
  • Hunter
  • Police Car
  • Police Maverick
  • Predator
  • Rhino
  • SWAT Tank


  • Andromada
  • Dodo
  • Hydra
  • Nevada
  • Shamal


  • Leviathan
  • Maverick
  • News Chopper
  • Raindance
  • Sea Sparrow
  • Sparrow


  • Dinghy
  • Jetmax
  • Marquis
  • Reefer
  • Speeder
  • Tropic


  • Faggio
  • Freeway
  • NRG-500
  • PCJ-600
  • Sanchez


  • RC Bandit
  • RC Baron
  • RC Goblin
  • RC Raider
  • RC Tiger


  • Bike
  • BMX
  • Mountain Bike






The gangs in Capital City is well-organized into two large groups known as the Gang Houses. Each house has a House Leader and a Representative from each gang. The gang on the same house never became enemies, they are organized as friends.

House 1: House of the LionsEdit

House LeaderEdit

  • Justin Van Liones (from the Liones Family)


  • Alona Nelema (from the Downtown Triads)
  • Nasterjay Cruz (from the Fahllahz Gang)
  • Arnold Cervatti (from the Cervatti Family)
  • Marco Bendivitzx (from the Corsican Mafia)


  • Lion Bullet
  • Lion Euros
  • Lion Bobcat
  • Lion Rancher
  • Lion Tahoma
  • Lion Elegy
  • Lion Burrito
  • Lion Yankee
  • Lion Cadrona
  • Lion Willard
  • Lion Shamal
  • Lion Maverick
  • Lion Jetmax
  • Lion Tropic
  • Lion Freeway

House 2: House of the FrozensEdit

House LeaderEdit

  • Franco Frostigo (from the Frostigo Family)


  • Vederana Servicios (from the DeFlores Mafia)
  • Jonathan Xatiotti (from the Xatiotti Family)
  • Gerard Vildona (from the Astro Triads)
  • Fernando Augustino (from the Mecitanian Gang)


  • Frozen Banshee
  • Frozen Turismo
  • Frozen Landstalker
  • Frozen Patriot
  • Frozen Savanna
  • Frozen Sultan
  • Frozen Moonbeam
  • Frozen Mule
  • Frozen Manana
  • Frozen Primo
  • Frozen Hydra
  • Frozen Leviathan
  • Frozen Dinghy
  • Frozen Marquis
  • Frozen Sanchez


  • The Cervatti Compound, Vercetti Island, Capital City
  • Cervatti Liners, Federal District, Capital City
  • Cervatti Beach Station, Capital Beach, Capital City
  • Arnold, Gregory and Stephen Store, Capital Mall, Capital Point, Capital City
  • 23 Arona Street, Astro Grove, Capital City
  • 512 Redwood Boulevard, Chinatown, Capital City
  • 36 Maritha Street, Highlands, Capital City
  • 79 Ulrika Road, NorthVille, Capital City
  • 90 Maritha Street, Downtown East, Capital City
  • 737 Terigonyika Avenue, Capital Park, Capital City
  • 67 Portland Main Road, Portland, Capital City
  • 558 North Joseph Avenue, Capital Heights, Capital City
  • 6 Dijo Varti Boulevard, Downtown West, Capital City


GTA Capital City contains a total of 45 missions.


Mission 1: The First ContactEdit

Gregory contacts his brother Arnold on a payphone in Capital City.

Arnold CervattiEdit

Mission 2: Taking Up the Racing TimeEdit

Arnold takes him to a time trial race around Vercetti the whole city.

Mission 3: A Few Mistakes of a Coach DriverEdit

One of the coach drivers in Cervatti Liners trashed up one coach and fired by Arnold, and he let Gregory drive the coach for this time.

Mission 4: What is an Armando de Gonzago?Edit

Arnold introduces Gregory to Armando, and he wants Gregory to do work for him.

Armando de GonzagoEdit

Mission 5: Five Things To DoEdit

Armando gives Gregory five things to do, while he is on work.

Mission 6: Getting Away From the BankEdit

Armando sends Gregory to the bank, then a robber robbed the bank and gave the money to Gregory and escaped, so Gregory was accused of robbing the bank.

Mission 7: Good ol' BuddyEdit

Armando killed a police officer and was jailed, now he wants Gregory to get the money at his house and give the money to the police.

Mission 8: Gotta Go to the Grove in AstroEdit

Armando is now free from the jail, and he wants Gregory to protect him from the DeFlores Mafia goons in Astro Grove.

Mission 9: Run Cat and RatEdit

Armando takes Gregory to the International Entertainment and Gaming Stadium on Downtown West to win the running race.

Arnold CervattiEdit

Mission 10: Gun and RunEdit

Arnold sends Gregory to kill the Frostigo Family goons in Downtown.

Mission 11: The Coach WatcherEdit

Arnold wants Gregory to guard the Cervatti Terminal-Depot at Portland, and watch out for the Frostigo Family entering the buses.

Mission 12: The New SwimmerEdit

Arnold sents Gregory to a swimming training on Capital Beach.

Mission 13: Sea Racing to Air RacingEdit

Arnold and Gregory race against other members of the Lions House, in water with the Lion Jetmax, and in air with the Lion Shamal, for fun.

Justin Van LionesEdit

Mission 14: Gregory to the RescueEdit

Justin wants Gregory to bring Nasterjay Cruz to the hospital before the doctor leaves work.

Mission 15: Triad WarsEdit

Justin wants Gregory to join the Triad Wars and kill the Frozens.

Mission 16: Chef CopEdit

Justin wants Gregory to disguise as a police officer, to arrest the chef who serve expired foods.


Mission 17: Trip to Liberty CityEdit

Gregory pilots a plane because, he won a racing ticket to Liberty City with Arnold, Armando and Justin.

Mission 18: Dukes RaceEdit

Gregory races in the whole borough of Dukes, with Arnold, Armando and Justin.

Mission 19: Algonquin RaceEdit

Gregory races in the whole borough of Algonquin, with Arnold, Armando and Justin.

Mission 20: Bohan RaceEdit

Gregory races in the whole borough of Bohan, with Arnold, Armando and Justin.

Mission 21: Broker RaceEdit

Gregory races in the whole borough of Broker, with Arnold, Armando and Justin.

Mission 22: Get back in Capital CityEdit

Gregory pilots the plane again, to get back in Capital City.

Armando de GonzagoEdit

Mission 23: RemindersEdit

Armando wants Gregory to remind all of the members of the Lions House about the upcoming war between the Lions and the Frozens.

Mission 24: The Nightclub with ArnoldEdit

Armando wants Gregory to find Arnold in one of the nightclubs in the city.

Marco BendivitzxEdit

Mission 25: Sausage BoyEdit

Marco wants Gregory to deliver the delicous Corsican Sausages around town.

Mission 26: Burger BoyEdit

Marco wants Gregory to deliver the delicious Corsican Burgers around town.

Mission 27: A New TVEdit

Marco wants Gregory to deliver his new TV.

Jimmy ConradsEdit

Mission 28: Jimmy's Vehicle Thefts Part IEdit

Jimmy wants Gregory to steal 20 cars around Industrial District and Federal District.

Mission 29: Jimmy's Vehicle Thefts Part IIEdit

Jimmy wants Gregory to steal 10 boats around Capital Beach.

Mission 30: Jimmy's Vehicle Thefts Part IIIEdit

Jimmy wants Gregory to steal 15 motorcycles around Downtown and Chinatown.

Mission 31: War Against the PeopleEdit

Jimmy and Gregory are fighting against the people which owns the cars that ere stolen by Gregory.

Justin Van LionesEdit

Mission 32: The Stolen WeaponsEdit

The Frozens stole the weapons of Justin from his vault, now Gregory will get it and give it to Justin.

Alona NelemaEdit

Mission 33: The Lions House FestivalEdit

Alona wants Gregory to kill all the Frozens in Vercetti Island to make sure that the Lions Houe Festival will be safe, and wants Gregory to drive the lead vehicle safely.

Mission 34: Capital Tour GuideEdit

Alona wants Gregory to guide the tourists all over Capital City.

Mission 35: A Van for a ManEdit

Alona wants Gregory and other Lion House members to protect the vans in Lionel's House from the Frozens.

Mission 36: Shooting RangeEdit

Alona wants Gregory to join and win the Shooting Range in Capital Park.

Nasterjay CruzEdit

Mission 37: A Real TreasureEdit

Nasterjay wants Gregory to find the lost treasure by diving in the northern waters of Capital City.

Mission 38: CollectionEdit

Nasterjay wants Gregory to collect money from the Fallahz Gang.

Mission 39: Nasterjay Vehicle Thefts Part IEdit

Nasterjay wants Gregory to steal the Frozen Hydra in Industrial Estate.

Mission 40: Nasterjay Vehicle Thefts Part IIEdit

Nasterjay wants Gregory to steal 12 black cars in Vercetti Island.

Mission 41: Nasterjay Vehicle Thefts Part IIIEdit

Nasterjay wants Gregory to steal 30 cars around the entire city.


Mission 42: Stephen's MoneyEdit

Gregory have enough money for Stephen, so he flies to Vice City with his brother to give the money to Stephen.

Mission 43: The Cervatti Fun PartyEdit

Now Gregory gave the money to Stephen they spend the remaining money for the restaurant and beach. After they have fun, Arnold and Gregory flies back to Capital City, and Stephen also go to Capital City.

Mission 44: Arnold's BirthdayEdit

Gregory buys a cake for Arnold.

Justin Van LionesEdit

Mission 45: The Last WarEdit

Justin and all other members of the House of the Lions will fight against the members of the House of the Frozens.



There is also a featured Multiplayer Mode exclusively for this modification.


  • Free Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Street Race
  • Stunt Race


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